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1967年 京都市生まれ。 京都市内の調理師学校を卒業後、京料理店へ就職。
大阪市内のフランス料理店で研鑽を積み、パリ郊外で1年間 修業のため渡仏。
2007年 7月 お好み焼きを学ぶため、若竹学園修了。
2007年11月 大阪・四ツ橋 新町にて、鉄板焼き お好み焼きOribe 独立開業。

Oribe シェフ

Oribe シェフ

I was born in Kyoto in 1967. After cook school graduation in Kyoto, I found a job to Japanese(especially kyo-ryouri) restaurant. One day, I was impressed with the Japanese chef of the french restaurant by a TV program and decided to change my way from Japanese food to French food.
I had acquired study in a French restaurant in Osaka and visited France for study to give a skill more in the suburbs of Paris for one year.
After returning to Japan, I used to be as a chef in a French restaurant in Osaka for eight years.
It is completed to learn how to bake “Okonomiyaki” at school(Wakatake Gakuen) in July,2007.
And I have been opened my restaurant “Oribe” independence, offered grilling food on an iron plate, in Osaka(Yotsubashi),in November,2007.

【Received Prizes】

*The winner of the eighth annual Wine Australia Japan by the glass promotion, “REGIONAL HEROES 2010.”
*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSAKA 2016,Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSAKA 2017,Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSAKA 2018,Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSAKA 2019,Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSAKA 2020,Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSAKA 2021, Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSASKA 2022, Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.

*Le guide MICHELIN KYOTO & OSASKA 2023, Bib Gourmand Teppanyaki.


店名のOribeは茶道に使われるお茶碗等 “織部焼”が由来となっております。
お飲み物と共にゆっくりと楽しいお時間をお一人様で、ご友人で、ご家族で…女子会やご接待、ご記念日、デート… あらゆるシーンでお気軽にお過ごしいただけたら…っと思います。

Oribe シェフ

Hello, everyone.
Thank you very much for visiting an official web site of Oribe.
About the name of shop, Oribe are derived from tool ceramic ORIBE ware
used for traditional tea ceremony.
A color and feel of a material of the ceramic ORIBE ware, the sounds of three characters in Japanese language called O-RI-BE(オ・リ・べ) is named it in accord with my image.
Usually it is not a course dish. Please freely choose my menu in turn, from cold dishes, next hot dishes, main dishes…, by a la carte like a course.
And finally, try to eat noted dish “OKONOMIYAKI “ of OSAKA.
It takes long time because of an offer to begin cooking work alone after receiving your orders.
I expect what you spend relaxed and happy time with friends, partners, a family… in every scene while talking and taking a drink.
First of all comfortable service with friendly feeling of the customers if is delicious and a smile, want to continue investigating every day.
Then I’m looking forward to seeing you at Restaurant Oribe.

Owner & Chef Hirotaka Uzaki

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